MG1616-AE product image.
MG1616-AE product image. MG1616-AE product image.
Brand: Native Trails
Series: Positano
Sku: MG1616-AE
Finish: Abalone
Native Trails
Authorized Dealer
The ancient art of Murano glassmaking in Italy takes a modern turn, as master glassmakers create Positano, an eye-catching glass vessel sink that is as functional as it is strikingly beautiful. The colors and patterns are created in the molding and spinning process, and every sink is expertly hand formed, giving each piece its own personality as an irreplaceable work of functional art.Positano is available in three of our unique design series: Abalone, Abyss, and Bianco.
  • Dimensions:
  • H=4.5, W=16.0, D=16.0
  • Finish:
  • Abalone
  • Cylindrical-shaped bowl showcases clean lines and a bold, modern style
  • Hand-spun in Murano, Italy
  • Vessel sink with vertical sides simplifies cleanup
  • Certified to withstand point impact and thermal shock
  • UPC/cUPC Compliant