MGCM2031-9SG product image.
Brand: Kindred
Sku: MGCM2031-9SG
Finish: Stone Grey
Authorized Dealer
The Kindred Granite Sanitized® double bowl sink will transform your kitchen with all its eco vibes. Composed of quartz, the natural textures and earth tones will elevate your kitchen to match any contemporary or organic modern inspired style. The unparalleled Sanitized ® hygiene feature will protect your sink from odor causing bacteria, and reduce your clean up time. The tough, acrylic resin finish is durable enough to handle even your messiest dinner guests. Adaptable to any kitchen space with multiple size and color options.
  • Dimensions:
  • H=8.63, W=19.69, D=30.69
  • Finish:
  • Stone Grey
  • Heat Resistant: strong enough to withstand hot pans straight from the oven due to heat and thermal shock resistance
  • Topmount installation: a favorite for quick kitchen upgrades due to ease of use installation and versatility of placement
  • Accessories Included: 3.5" polished sink strainer (2) included with sink
  • Rear Off-Set Drain: designed for maximum under cabinet storage -- and maximum bowl space -- with rear drain placement
  • Colorfast Protection: UV protection ensures that these beauties maintain their natural tones for years
  • Sanitized® Hygiene Function: helps control bacterial odour and microbial growth
  • Dura Clean: the smooth granite finish repels all stains like wine, coffee and grease. Cleans easily with soapy water.
  • Scratch Resistant: made from high quality quartz and acrylic resin that makes the sink incredibly robust and hard wearing