406201 product image.
406201 product image. 406201 product image.
Brand: Blanco
Series: BlancoClean
Sku: 406201
Authorized Dealer
BLANCOCLEAN Stainless Steel 450ml Bottle
  • Dimensions:
  • H=9.0, W=2.0, D=3.5
  • Origin:
  • German Engineered
  • A combined cleaner and polish that will help maintain the original look and beauty of your sink
  • REMOVES SOAP SCUM: Reduce residues and white film caused from dish soap and build-up from other cleaners
  • GENTLE FORMULA: Use once or twice a week to safely maintain the sink’s surface
  • REDUCES LIMESCALE: Keeps hard water deposits and limescale under control
  • EXTRA PROTECTION: Extends the life of your sink and protects from everyday wear and tear
  • SPECIALTY CLEANER: Specially formulated for cleaning BLANCO stainless steel sinks