Thermasol PRO-140 Pro Series Steam Generator with Auto Power Flush
Brand: Thermasol
Series: Pro Series
Sku: PRO-140
Authorized Dealer

Pro Series with Fast Start and Smart Steam - 140

  • Dimensions:
  • H=14.0, W=18.0, D=22.0
  • Service residential steam rooms up to 850 cubic feet with one steam unit
  • 1/2” union to connect to steam line
  • Pre-plumbed safety relief valve
  • Stainless water flex connector included
  • Compatible with Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head
  • Compatible with Solitude Wireless Module (WiFi)
  • Water tight data link cable for control
  • 208-240 volt power cord (5 ft.)
  • Split tank - enhances performance and lifespan
  • Superior heating elements - incoloy low watt density
  • Stainless steel drain pan
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 50' CAN-bus cable included
  • Can be plumbed 50 ft. from the shower
  • Constant steam at a constant rate; no steam lag or burst
  • Auto PowerFlush™ pressurized inner tank cleaning system
  • Patented FastStart steam in seconds - not minutes
  • Exclusive digital CAN-bus networked system - intelligent two-way communication
  • Patented SmartSteam™ only from ThermaSol